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Battle Royale
Bluehole Studio Inc., PUBG Corporation

PUBG or PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds is a new game of war that became a favorite after such games as DOTA, PB, CS and etc, This game is FPS (First Person Shooter) and online multiplayer, where all the existing players have to kill each other until only one player be a winner. Our text can't tell you anything, just play this game and you will feel like in this game


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Aren’t you curious to find out why over 400 million people are playing just one game? That’s almost an entire continent! The Player Unknown Battle Ground is one of the fastest selling games developed by Bluehole and one of the most played games of all time.

With Brendan Greene as the creative director of the company, an Irish born designer and programmer, and a team of over 70 programmers, they came up with a Battle Royale inspired masterpiece depicting survival of the fittest-last man standing kind of game and a blend of soviet union-like 1950s regime kind of scenery.

The Adrenaline pump that comes with the very intense gaming environment helps in creating that unique atmosphere and the emotional state of mind needed for survival. In this game, up to a 100 players converge in a disserted island by jumping off the plane with just one goal in mind, survival! With very limited resources at their disposal, they must quickly find suitable weapons and other protective gear to defend themselves and stay alive.

Also, they are confined to limited space; the safe zone continues to shrink, forcing the players to move closer to each other thereby increasing the chances of a confrontation. Players who aren’t aware of the safe zone and for some reason find themselves outside the safe zone longer than required lose their lives. During gameplay, players have the option of pairing up or come together to form a team of four, by so doing becoming a force to reckon.

You’ll find just one rule, kill or be killed. People from all over the world can enjoy this game in real-time. There are a wide variety of weapons to choose from; assault rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, grenades, etc. most players find the sniper rifle to be very handy for its high level of accuracy and long range, especially for avoiding close confrontation.

Currently, the game has been produced for a wide range of gaming platforms like PUBG pc, you'll also find PUBG available in Xbox, PlayStation4, and a free to play version for Andriod and IOS devices. To download the PUBG pc simply click the download button and enjoy

To all action, fighter and battle game lovers, this is one of the best games for you, it’s hard to believe you haven’t played it already, so don’t just sit there click download to start and install. You’ll love it!!

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Battle Royale

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